Lincoln Driving School

There are many benefits in being a driving instructor. As you will become your own boss, you can decide what hours and days you work and is a career that you can potentially carry on with part time or full time past normal retirement ages should you wish. You will meet a wide variety of people and feel a great sense of achievement as you get them through their driving test. Teaching people the skills to drive also comes with an attractive salary.

Lincoln Driving School offer a pay as you go and pre-paid driving instructor training program easing the financial burden. Our training fees are highly competitive. Training is designed to fit around your current commitments or can be taken intensively if desired. Training is provided on a one-to-one basis with the same trainer throughout the entire course duration. Your trainer will guide and assist you at a speed that is comfortable to you.

There are three exams you will need to pass in order to become a fully qualified ADI.

Part 1 is a theory based test similar to the learner theory test.

Part 2 assesses your ability as a safe, confident and skilful driver.

Part 3 assesses your ability to instruct pupils of varying abilities, novice to experienced (minimum 40 hours)

After passing Parts 1 and 2 and completing a minimum of 40 hours training on Part 3, you may be eligible to become a trainee driving instructor. This entitles you to teach driving instruction for pay for a maximum of 6 months with a driving school such as ourselves.

Once fully qualified, you have the option of either starting your own driving school or joining an existing school. Also presented will be the option of becoming one of the team at Lincoln Driving School.

Our franchise is affordable you will find and does not have a binding contract meaning you can leave whenever you wish. It also comes with continued support as and when required from business advice, resource / training material sourcing, standards test help etc.

It is only fair to advise potential Approved Driving Instructors of the pass rates for all 3 parts of the qualifying process. Currently the overall pass rate is around 28% with only 6% passing each of the three parts first time. Lincoln Driver School however has a 100% pass rate as of December 2018. This is down to the clear way that the syllabus is taught, the understanding of different learning styles and the application of different teaching methods to suit each individual. In addition to this all lessons are given on a one to one basis and not two to one as is the case with some companies.

For further information on training, the ADI tests and course fees, please contact Phil on 07920 886044 or send us a message.